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Essential: Effective Leaders – weak

In schools with Effective Leaders, principals and teachers work together to implement a shared vision. In such schools, people, programs, and resources are focused on a vision for sustained improvement. Leaders:

  • practice shared leadership,
  • set high goals for quality instruction,
  • maintain mutually trusting and respectful relationships,
  • support professional advancement for faculty and staff, and
  • manage resources for sustained program improvement (not measured).

University Prep Science & Math High School Comparative Performance on Effective Leaders

Very Weak
Very Strong

What are these results based on?

This school's performance on this Essential is based on the Measures shown below. Click the to learn more about its underlying concepts (measures) and their related survey questions.

Measure Respondent Measure Performance
Program Coherence In schools with strong Program Coherence, school programs are coordinated and consistent with its goals for student learning. Teacher Performance on Program Coherence Weak
Teacher-Principal Trust In schools with strong Teacher-Principal Trust, teachers and principals share a high level of mutual trust and respect. Teacher Performance on Teacher-Principal Trust Strong
Teacher Influence In schools with strong Teacher Influence, teachers have influence in a broad range of decisions regarding school policies and practices. Teacher Performance on Teacher Influence Very Weak
Instructional Leadership The school leadership team sets high standards for teaching and student learning. Teacher Performance on Instructional Leadership Weak