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Denby High School

High School (9-12)

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12800 Kelly Road

Essential: Involved Families – weak

In schools with Involved Families, the entire staff builds strong external relationships. Such schools:

  • see parents as partners in helping students learn,
  • value parents' input and participation in advancing the school's mission, and
  • support efforts to strengthen its students' community resources.

Denby High School Comparative Performance on Involved Families

Very Weak
Very Strong

What are these results based on?

This school's performance on this Essential is based on the Measures shown below. Click the to learn more about its underlying concepts (measures) and their related survey questions.

Measure Respondent Measure Performance
Teacher-Parent Trust In schools with strong Teacher-Parent Trust, teachers and parents are partners in improving student learning. Teacher Performance on Teacher-Parent Trust Weak
Parent Involvement in School Parents are active participants in their child's schooling. Teacher Performance on Parent Involvement in School Very Weak
Parent Influence on Decision Making in Schools In schools with strong Parent Influence, the school has created opportunities for parents to participate in developing academic programs and influencing school curricula. Teacher Performance on Parent Influence on Decision Making in Schools Neutral