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Detroit Leadership Academy Middle/High

High School (9-12)

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Essential: Supportive Environment – weak

In schools with a Supportive Environment, the school is safe, demanding, and supportive. In such schools:

  • students feel safe in and around the school,
  • they find teachers trust-worthy and responsive to their academic needs,
  • and they are well-supported in planning for college and other post-high school experiences.

Detroit Leadership Academy Middle/High Comparative Performance on Supportive Environment

Very Weak
Very Strong

What are these results based on?

This school's performance on this Essential is based on the Measures shown below. Click the to learn more about its underlying concepts (measures) and their related survey questions.

Measure Respondent Measure Performance
Safety In schools with strong Safety, students feel safe both in and around the school building, and while they travel to and from home. Student Performance on Safety Weak
School-Wide Future Orientation In schools with strong School-Wide Future Orientation, the school engages all students in planning for life after graduation. Student Performance on School-Wide Future Orientation Neutral
Student-Teacher Trust In schools with strong Student-Teacher Trust, students and teachers share a high level of mutual trust and respect. Student Performance on Student-Teacher Trust Weak
Expectations for Postsecondary Education In schools with strong Expectations for Post-Secondary Education, the school expects all students to attend college and promotes college-readiness. Teacher Performance on Expectations for Postsecondary Education Low Response/Not Applicable